Apparel Design and Production

Black Bear brand x Dickies 1922 collection

Collaboration to the fullest extent was the basis of our design process with Black Bear Brand and Williamson Dickies.  With Black Bear Brand we dove in the historic patterns of Dickies 1922; we started their and applied the Black Bear Brand styling, color pallet, and brand essence.  We worked with in the Williamson Dickies manufacturing perimeters while elevating finishes and influencing the designs with the Black Bear Band voice. 

Horween Leather Co.

Working with a company that has such a rich history like Wesco is a lot of fun. Designing in an environment of strong heritage, a company with an amazing product; its all about celebrating the old ways, elevating and already stellar process and product history… and the styling and elevating while respecting all those things.  Bringing in our other client Horween Leather Co. was a fun piece of our designs with Wesco.  Our 1st project with Wesco led us to designing the Wesco 100th Anniversary commemorating label, box and shirt.  This relationship has just begun... 


Resurrecting a pre-war era leather jacket company who supplied Harley-Davidson in the 1910's-20's. Created with Horween Horsehide.

black bear brand x Dehen Knitting co.

Collaborating with Dehen Knitting Co. creating a watchcap

Black Bear Brand

Union Of Makers